E-discovery nightmare Counsel reponsibility Need for an expert Experience E-discovery strategist Unreliable evidence <prev next> The truth about computer date and time stamps. Do you know what Creation Dates, Last Modified and Access Dates really mean? Probably not. This free report explains all. Click here to get your free copy. Contact Jerry Saperstein Resolve your ediscovery problems economically, efficiently and effectively. Here is how I’ve helped in some recent cases: Established probability of spoliation and incomplete production in a civil rights case. Judge said she would instruct jurors they could infer that officials had, at least, bungled their handling of the evidence. Defendant first offered $25,000 to settle. Final settlement, after discovery violations were found, was $1.2 million. (Plunk v. Village of Elwood, N.D. IL (2009)) Assisted in helping plaintiff gain access to ESI from a recalcitrant defendant in a case which resulted in the largest recovery in any class action against a forestry labor contractor.  (Rosiles- Perez v. Superior Forestry Service, Inc., M.D. TN (2010)). Helped plaintiff gain access to ESI for approximately $2,000 when defendant had claimed it would cost $150,000 and wanted plaintiff to bear costs. (Barton v. Zimmer, Inc., N.D. IN (2006)).