E-discovery nightmare Counsel reponsibility Need for an expert Experience E-discovery strategist Unreliable evidence The truth about computer date and time stamps. Do you know what Creation Dates, Last Modified and Access Dates really mean? Probably not. This free report explains all. Click here to get your free copy. <prev next> Contact Jerry Saperstein Resolve your ediscovery problems economically, efficiently and effectively. Ediscovery can be a nightmare – even a disaster – for the litigator who is not also a technologist. Most litigators are not technologists. They need some level of expert assistance with ediscovery. This is the role I have performed in more than one hundred cases since 1995, in federal and state courts across the nation. One federal court described me as a “careful, precise, credible and knowledgeable expert witness”. (RKI, Inc. v. Grimes, 177 F.Supp.2d 859 (N.D.Ill.,2001) I am a discovery strategist and computer technology expert. Current ediscovery rules favor defendants. A crafty – or unscrupulous – defendant can make ediscovery complex and expensive, even prohibitively expensive or impossible, denying you and your client the discovery production you are lawfully entitled to. Very few litigators have the technological expertise and experience necessary to counter an adversary who knows how to avoid productive ediscovery. Even an innocent, but clumsy adversary can inadvertently avoid ediscovery if you don’t know how to recognize production omissions.